The extrusions of the Safran Cabin Pallets are made from superior quality with high strength alloy for high impact resistance and stiffness. To withstand the challenges of the daily handling all pallets are equipped with a solid reinforcement, inserted in each corner. All pallets are riveted with stainless steel rivets. The pallet can be personalized by choosing various colors or adding your airline code or logo.


Currently available in two sizes, the Herculight pallet has an entirely new design and is among the lightest in the industry while still maintaining durability. To improve the maintenance process a new corner design was developed which now allows an easy replacement without the need of any disassembly.


Classic pallets are available in all sizes and feature high-grade alloy extrusions to provide the utmost in durability.

cargo pallets

Cargo Pallets

Pallet extensions provide support for items of cargo beyond either the short or the long sides of a pallet, allowing increased volume to be achieved. Each extension consists of a panel or shelf extending upwards and outboards, customized to the aircraft, to maximize usable space.