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The towbarless AST-1 X series of aircraft tractors sets new standards in moving wide-bodied jets reliably, quickly and safely on the ground. Today’s AST-1 X offers fast and efficient handling and long-distance towing of all current aircraft in the 400 t to 600 t MTOW range, from the A300 / B767 right through to the A380 / B747-8. For push-back, gate-to-gate and distance towing, the AST-1 X satisfies all expectations with its permanent hydrostatic 4-wheel drive and innovative solutions.



Safe and reliable
Made in Germany
Reputable brand components for the highest in-service rate
High aircraft compatibility
maximum flexibility
For all apron work (from push-back to high-speed towing)
Fewer tow tractors for handling more types of aircraft
High resale value; low operating
maintenance and process costs
Unique hydrostatic drive for moving aircraft on the ground at up to 32 km/h – without compromising safety
Ergonomic driver’s cab with 180° pivoting seat for best possible view
Nose gear engaged and raised by the maintenance-free pickup system in record time