For more than fifty years Flite Line has served customers in the North and South American markets through a portfolio of airport and transport technology.


Through our partners, we provide solutions for ground support operations, cargo, and heavyweight transportation. No matter how extensive and heavy the cargo, or how complex the job, we help processes remain efficient and economical.


Becoming part of the Goldhofer group has provided us and our partners with the ability to operate as a regional hub in the North and South American markets. Our increased capabilities through Goldhofer combined with our established supplier partnerships has enabled us to stand out in the airport and transport sectors through quality sales, expert service, and skilled support.


Airport and Transport Technology. Together with our trusted network of partners, we supply airports and airlines throughout North and South America with equipment well-suited for a full range of operations. We understand the logistical requirements of airports and know downtime results in financial burdens. We make it our mission to offer equipment that meets the ever-changing needs of the industry through safe and effective products designed to keep airline operations running as smooth and efficient as possible.


We support innovations in the transport technology sector to assist transports of all sizes. From small excavators, wind blades, and compact transformers, to plants and mining machinery, our transport equipment is fully tailored to the individual needs of each customer. In addition to this we offer a wide portfolio of parts and services to ensure smooth and reliable operation with our equipment.