• Safe and reliable
  • Individual modules in a B747 freighter can be transported over long distances
  • Simple and safe handling
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Rapid operational readiness, rapid clearing of the taxiways
  • Truck or conventional tow tractor as towing vehicle
  • Can also be used with self-propelled heavy-duty modules
  • Varied combination possibilities
  • For all aircraft types up to the A380
GOLDHOFER Flugzeugberge systeme kombinationssysteme b


The ARTS combination systems are complete recovery systems for applications with damaged aircraft up to the A380. They comprise different units, which can be arranged in any order or used individually depending on the application.


If, for example, the nose landing gear and one of the main landing gears have failed, then a wing support module in conjunction with the front module enables the recovery of an aircraft and a rapid resumption of air traffic. However, our recommendation for airports in general is the entire recovery combination system, as it is the only one that provides full risk coverage and ensures that airports are prepared for any incidents on the apron. It comprises a front module and two wing support modules and promises safe and rapid recovery even in the event of severe damage, such as failure of all landing gear.