+ All »SHERPA« models offer uniform operation
+ Extremely quiet operation
+ Even on a 3% incline, loads of up to 50 t can be handled with ease
+ The different drive trains allow speeds of up to 30 km/h




+ The tried-and-tested front axle with optimized suspension enables excellent maneuverability
+ A dual circuit braking system and a separate parking brake ensure maximum safety
+ Sophisticated cockpit with simple operation and ergonomic seat position




+ Robust, long-lasting components made by quality manufacturers
+ Minimal maintenance for long-term operational availability


4 t | Max. drawbar pull ≤ 25 kN
5 t | Max. drawbar pull ≤ 30 kN
6 t | Max. drawbar pull ≤ 35 kN
7 t | Max. drawbar pull ≤ 40 kN
8 t | Max. drawbar pull ≤ 40 kN | Suitable for pushbacks MTOW ≤ 50t


+ Active thermal management for cabins and all high-voltage components: Heating and cooling for optimal temperature conditions, even during charging, for long battery life
+ Modularly expandable battery system, configurable for individual deployment requirements
+ Commercial vehicle industry tried-and-tested 400 V lithium-ion batteries for certified, maximum safety, ultimate performance, and service life
+ Electric power train, electric engine, battery, thermo module, and inverter are maintenance-free
+ Second-life applications for battery systems possible, e.g. as stationary storage systems

+ All Standard Plugs available: CCS Type 1, CCS Type 2 and GB/T
+ Three cabin designs: cabless, open cab, closed cab
+ Functions under all temprature conditions for any climate conditions from -25 °C to +50 °C
+ Offers a 360° view for the operators


+ All standard charging plugs available: CCS Typ 1, CCS Typ 2, CHAdeMO and GB/T
+ Infrastructure consulting on charging points
+ Rapid DC charging and intermediate charging at up to 70 kW
+ Optional AC charging at up to 22 kW