Our tractors are doing a great job everywhere – including in hot climates, at high altitudes and in freezing temperatures. They are designed with extreme weather and operating conditions in mind.


Innovative, well-thought-out, all- purpose: »BISON« is a completely new family of conventional aircraft tow tractors. Thanks to their modular design, the vehicles can be easily adapted to any requirements, making »BISON« the perfect solution for aircraft handling in the weight class up to 400t. With the future expansion of our model range by additional sizes, the complete aircraft range on the market can be covered.

  • Safe and reliable
  • Lowest operating costs on the market
  • Highest resale value
  • Continuous series production for maximum reliability and availability
  • Excellent accessibility of all components for easy maintenance
  • Permanent 4-wheel drive for perfect traction
  • Exchangeable ballast weights for outstanding flexibility
  • Cabin with all-round vision for safe working
F 59

Type F59 Goldhofer

The Schopf F59 has powerful four-wheel drive and offers reliable towing for civil and military aircraft with a maximum take-off weight of 70 tons. An optional lifting cabin provides excellent visibility for safe maneuvering on the apron and in the hangar.


Type F396 Goldhofer

The F396 tow tractor is our best-selling tractor and a heavy-weight champion. With a combination of four-wheel drive and four-wheel steer, it is ideal for handling all types of wide-body aircraft. The fully automatic transmission ensures smooth continuous delivery of enormous power.


»BISON« Series Goldhofer

No matter if the weather is hot and dusty or rainy and cold, even if it’s windy or freezing »BISON« flexibly adapts to any weather equipped with an automatic full-power-shift transmission.  In terms of toughness, »BISON« truly stands out from the pack and offers you a future-proof and innovative vehicle that is easy to operate.