• Highest ground readiness and availability thanks to ease of maintenance.
  • Modularity of assemblies across all categories for optimized and cost-effective wearing and spare parts stockpiling.
  • Prompt spare parts availability thanks to standardized components.
  • Low TCO and increased environmental sustainability through reduced consumables.
  • Start/stop function for reduction of operating hours, enhanced engine lifetime, less emissions and CO2 savings.
  • Future-proofness and flexibility thanks to convertibility of all models from Diesel powered to electric motors.
  • User-friendliness, uniform operation of different vehicle sizes for higher safety.
  • Optimum price-performance ratio.

Type F396

The F396 tow tractor is our “heavyweight” ” among the tow tractors. With a combination of four-wheel drive and four-wheel steer, it is ideal for handling all types of wide-body aircraft. The powerful powertrain ensures permanent and consistent performance. That is the key to safe and effortless working on the apron.


The F369E is the economical solution for airports requiring middle-distance towing and is an economical and reliable workhorse for all pushback operations.


The “C” is the medium version of the F396 and the perfect choice for pushbacks and long-distance towing.


The F396P is always the first choice when high speeds are required when towing high weights. It has the bullish power and perfect drive technology for handling aircraft like the Airbus A380.