Herculight cargo containers are trusted and reliable products used by major airlines and cargo carriers around the world. Produced at two dedicated manufacturing facilities in Bangkok, Thailand, with engineering support located in both Thailand and the Netherlands, the newest, Herculight S Cargo Containers are stronger than ever with several options for reinforcement for your heavy cargo needs.


Having long been a standard for cargo in the lower deck of aircraft around the world, Safran is now offering containers for main deck cargo compartments on a variety of aircraft. Explore how we can meet your cargo needs, whatever your configuration.

  • Panel sheets can be Endumax, Herculight or aluminum material
  • Additional stiffeners
  • Various colours of fabric door
  • Polycarbonate (see-trough) shear panels
main deck poduct

Main Deck Containers

Lightweight, absolute convenience in operational handling, excellent customizability and long term durability are the design cornerstones of the Herculight S main deck containers. The whole upper structure of the container is constructed with impact-resistance flangeless extrusions and provides a 100% smooth container interior. The upper structure is installed on the industry-proven Herculight S pallet.

lower deck containers

Lower Deck Containers

The Herculight S container with Endumax panels is the lightest and most durable container available in the market. The extra strong upper frame structure, made from high-quality aluminum extrusions in combination with the new Endumax panel sheets results in the best mix of weight and durability, providing great performance with the lowest weight of 51 kg / 112 lbs.

cargo pallets

Cargo Pallets

Pallet extensions provide support for items of cargo beyond either the short or the long sides of a pallet, allowing increased volume to be achieved. Each extension consists of a panel or shelf extending upwards and outboards, customized to the aircraft, to maximize usable space. Classic pallets are available in all sizes and feature high-grade alloy extrusions to provide the utmost in durability.