The successful Herculight S container and pallet range is now also available in main deck configuration for freighter and combi aircraft.


Lightweight, absolute convenience in operational handling, excellent customizability and long term durability are the design cornerstones of the Herculight S main deck containers. The whole upper structure of the container is constructed with impact-resistance flangeless extrusions and provides a 100% smooth container interior. The upper structure is installed on the industry-proven Herculight S pallet.


The innovative door closure mechanism is designed for much easier and quicker door operation to optimize the container’s turn-around-time while ensuring proper door sealing.

main deck poduct

Main Deck Containers

  • Flangeless extrusions with big box section for high frame stiffness
  • The upper structure is placed on a standard PAG pallet, making it possible to replace the complete base
  • The design makes it possible to choose different panel options (polycarbonate and aluminum)
  • One module consists of set of parts like extrusions, gussets and a panel sheet.
  • The use of these modules helps standardization of parts and makes it possible to repair sections of the structure
  • You can personalize the container by choosing various colors of fabric door materials